Headsets Music is a multi-disciplined music production company. We have a wide palette of sonic production techniques with which to create memorable advertisements, songs and movie/video game scores.

Custom Composition: Nothing fits like a tailor-made suit. Headsets takes that same approach with our custom compositions. We make sure our music fits perfectly with the contours of your visuals. Experienced in writing, recording and producing everything from hip hop, orchestral, rock to pop, edm, folk and everything in between.

Music Supervision: Living in Los Angeles has its perks. One of them being the incredible amount of musical talent that calls LA home. We have a large number of talented friends and colleagues with unique musical libraries that could fit just about any edit.


  • Under Armour - We Will
  • Lipton - Green Iced Tea
  • La Perla (Full)
  • Christmas Cheer
  • Nike - City Parkour
  • Class Actress - More Than You
  • LÜB
  • Levis - #MakeYourMark
  • Adidas - Off Track
  • Nike - ID
  • Oday Skakar – Origins


We are always looking for new exciting projects and collaborations. Feel free to contact us.



650 S Spring St,
Los Angeles, CA  90014